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The vast majority of antibiotics do not need to be taken in school as they can be taken before and after school and again at bedtime.
Pupils should take medication at home where possible.
Where 4 doses are required the parent/carer may either come into school to administer the dose or appoint a representative to do so, or may ask a school volunteer to give their child their medication.
For the volunteer to give the medication we must have a signed Administration of Medicines ANTIBIOTIC form from the parent/carer. 
Medication can be given at the following time slots: 
  • End of break time - 10.45pm, 
  • Start of lunchtime - 12.15pm.
  • End of school day - 3.15pm.  
In addition, the child must have had the medication before or taken the medication for 48 hours to ensure that the child does not have an allergy reaction to the medication before the volunteer takes over administration during the day.
It is the parent/carers responsibility to deliver and collection medication between office hours (8am and 4.00pm).  If after that time medication will have to remain in school until the next working day.  
Antibiotics must be brought into school with the original pharmacy box with the dispensing label as we do require evidence that your child has been prescribed this medicine. 
A Healthcare plan is not required for antibiotics for acute conditions (i.e., a short-lived illness that a child will recover from quickly e.g., tonsillitis, chest infection).  However if antibiotics are required because of a chronic condition (e.g., eczema, low immunity issues) we will require a Healthcare plan to be in place.  
Where antibiotics have been prescribed for an infectious illness (e.g. Scarlet fever).  The Public Health guidance on incubation periods must be adhered to before the child is permitted to return to school. 
Please also note that children on antibiotics should not return to school if they have a fever.