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ELLI - Effective Life Long Learning Inventory

What is ELLI?
ELLI stands for "Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory"

At St Bon’s we believe that is important that children are equipped with the right tools to help them learn effectively in school and the wider world. ELLI is about learning to be the best YOU there could possibly be!

ELLI started out as a research project at Bristol University (find out more about the background by following the link below). ELLI describes "7 dimensions of learning power": 7 characteristics that help us become better at learning. At St Bon's we have given each characteristic an animal to make them easier to remember.

Curiosity – The Cat
The Curious Cat is always interested and curious about what is going on around them. At St Bon's we are always encouraging the children to ask questions in all areas of the curriculum. In science, children are often asked to be curious cats when we talk about their “big question” each term.

Making Connections – The Spider
The skill of making Connections is represented by the Spider. At St Bon’s we want children to recognise that what they learn in one part of the curriculum can help them in all areas. Our learning is one giant web in which everything is connected.

Changing and Learning – The Cuttlefish
The Cuttlefish is excellent at changing and adapting to its environment. The Cuttlefish understands that they can become better learners. An example of the children being like the Cuttlefish could be when children are asked to reflect on how they could change their approach or strategy to solve a problem in maths.

Resilience – The Snail
Resilience is represented by the Snail at St Bon's. We want all of our children to understand that effective learners don't give up easily when things are tricky but keep going. We promote resilience across the curriculum in all subjects as teachers plan open-ended activities or investigations where there may be no right or wrong answer.

Strategic Awareness – The Giraffe
The Giraffe has such a long neck because he is able to look ahead and see obstacles in learning. We want out learners to be able to choose which strategy or approach best suits a task. For example, in maths children are often set tasks in groups in which they need to choose which strategies to use to suit the problem. In writing, they also have to look ahead and make a plan for their writing.

Creativity – The Unicorn
The Unicorn is all about creativity and ideas. At St Bon's we value our children’s creativity and imagination. Effective learners will try to solve problems by playing with ideas or possibilities. They are not afraid to experiment or try ideas out. Children may be asked to use their creativity across the curriculum in St Bon’s, from writing poetry in English or trying all the possibilities on a maths puzzle.

Learning Relationships – The Bee
Bees are well known for working together in a team to achieve and this is why the Bee represents learning relationships at St Bon's. Effective learners love sharing their thoughts and ideas with others and working well together to solve problems. They also know when it is beneficial to work on their own. During lessons, children will regularly be asked to share their ideas with partners or small groups and often children work in pairs or small groups to complete tasks.

Growth Mindset – The Yeti
The Yeti is a new ELLI character who shows us that it is crucial to have a growth mind-set in our learning. Effective learners always keep going even if a task is really hard. Once they have achieved a task, they look for the next challenge they can take on.

The Yeti was introduced to the children in a fun and interactive story and song in a whole school assembly. Each term, we also hold Yeti award ceremony in which the teachers celebrate the children who have demonstrated a growth mind-set and Yeti-like attitude to their learning!

You can find a copy of the Yeti story and song lyrics below so you can read and sing along at home too!

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