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Extra Activity Ideas

As the Summary page details, your child will be given a wide range of activities to complete at home. They should be guided and helped to complete these first.
Here you will find extra ideas if your child completes their teacher's work. Click the links to the right. As with any website, please make sure that your child's use of these sites is monitored and managed.
It is important to consider the amount of time your children will be sitting down, writing or having screen time. We recommend that each day you all get at least 20 minutes of exercise, and we encourage you to mix up the activities your children do so that they involve getting up, moving around, being creative, active and engaged. See the Keeping Active page for ideas.
There's so much you can do which involves making, play, investigation... more open-ended and unlimited projects which allow your children to explore outside the curriculum.
The St Bon's staff have been thinking about what they like to do creatively, and have come up with some free or cheap craft ideas to try out with your family:
  • Learn to knit, make a patchwork for each month of what is special to you
  • Crochet, unravel an old wooden jumper for free wool!
  • Have a Bake Off, and take photos of everyone's creation
  • Have a Come Dine With Me, taking in turns to make a meal
  • Have a Sewing Bee, upcycling an old pillowcase or sheet into a dress/shorts/apron
  • Give each child a patch in their garden to grow seeds, or make a fairy/dinosaur/cars garden
  • Den building competition
  • Make a teepee out of a sheet and three bamboo sticks
  • Learn woodwork skills, make planters/supports/birdboxes
  • Potato printing tablecloths
  • Make pizza dough and have everyone design their own new pizza toppings
  • Make pasta dough and each person makes their own fillings for ravioli
  • Stencils/upcycling old furniture
  • Make pompoms/bunting
  • Buy some jigsaw puzzles from charity shops and complete them as a family
  • Make natural dyes out of plants and tie dye old clothes
  • Make shadow puppets of your favourite story 
  • Have the whole family learn and perform a play
  • Make an instrument out of packaging or vegetables!
  • Applique 
  • Pressed flowers
  • Draw Still Life from the garden
  • Build your own weather station and take readings every day
  • Paint pebbles 
  • Go on a Nature Walk and collect dead twigs, berries, pinecones etc and make decorations