St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School
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Absence Line 0117 353 2831

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Playscheme run during all school holidays?

We run during all school holidays EXCEPT Christmas.

How do I ensure you have all my contact details?
If your child attends St Bonaventure’s then KidZone will have access their contact details already. If your child is attending from another primary school please complete a KidZone Registration form. 

What about my child’s medical needs?
As with contact details, if you child attends St Bonaventure’s then KidZone will have access their medical details already. If your child is attending from another primary school please note any medical needs on your KidZone registration or booking form and on your first day at club you will be asked to complete a medical plan for your child. 

What happens to the fees I pay?
KidZone operates as a self-sustaining, not for profit entity within St Bonaventure’s Primary School.  A significant percentage of your child’s attendance fee is spent on paying the wages of our team. Our next greatest expenditure is resources, toys, sports equipment, craft materials etc. These are purchased to make the club more enjoyable for your children. A percentage of the remaining fee is used to purchase snack, send our team on training and cover miscellaneous costs.

Why is there a late fee?
KidZone charges a late fee in cases of persistent or significant lateness. Late collection negatively impacts the club as a whole as the team are not able to reflect upon the day properly and it can have knock on consequences. In cases of significant lateness the fee is used to pay the wage of those working overtime. KidZone takes great care of your children and a part of our culture is mutual respect between all parties, persistent lateness undermines this.

Do I need to tell anyone if my child is going to be absent from club?
Unlike our After School Club it is not essential that we know in advance if your child is not going to be attending a booked session. However, knowing in advance does help us accurately gauge the day’s numbers and is appreciated.

Do you accept donations of toys or equipment?
Yes, donations or the sale of second hand toys, games and fancy dress etc. are always welcome.

How do you serve snack?
Snack is served as a buffet giving children the freedom to pick out their preferred fruits and vegetables. For our morning snack each child is served a portion of that days cooked product, be that soup, pakora or cake. For our afternoon snack each child has access to a fruit and vegetable platter, two breadsticks, half a pitta and a hummus dip.  Children then gather in small groups to sit, eat and socialise. In the warmer months we encourage children to take their sacks outside. Drinks are available at all times thought the day.


Can I park in the school car park?
No, parents are not permitted to drive into or park in the staff car park at any time during the day. We recommend that if you are travelling by car, you park outside of our walking zone, with care and consideration for our neighbors.  Our ‘walking zone’ is available from our school website.

What about the weather?
Here is how we let the children shine outdoors whatever the weather.

Heat: Children are encouraged to take regular shade breaks during high temperature and encouraged to drink frequently. Parents are to provide sun cream which the children can re-apply as necessary. 

Rain: We do play in the rain. We do not play in heavy rain nor will we stay outside for a prolonged period of persistent rain but providing the children have coats on, we will try and get out at every available opportunity.

Cold: If we deem the temperature to be cold enough for coats, we ask children to put their coats on before going outside. If a child gets hot whilst running around outside we let the child take their coat off. We try and let the older children use their initiative. As a result we allow key stage two children outside in cooler temperatures without a coat then we do key stage one children.