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BRP - Boosting Reading at Primary intervention

What is BRP?
Boosting Reading at Primary is an intervention which supports children's reading. The children receive a specially trained reading partner who will work with them on a one to one basis for approximately 12 weeks. The structure of the session involves reading a familiar text, reading a text which has been recently introduced and introducing a new text.

How often does the intervention take place?
BRP sessions happen once or twice a week for 20 minutes.

How are children chosen for a BRP?
The reading recovery teacher and the class teacher look at class reading assessments and choose children who they feel would benefit from having extra reading sessions.

How can I help at home?
Read frequently with your child at home and encourage them to read for pleasure.

How can I become a BRP reading partner?
If you would like to become a BRP please contact Sue Rees (Reading Recovery Teacher)