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Manchester - how to talk to children about tragic events

26th May 2017

We have had lots of helpful advice about how to talk to children about the horrific events that have taken place in Manchester this week. Below are several of these - we hope they help you to decide how to tackle this difficult topic with your children.

Schools in Mind, an organisation run by the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families:
"We have had many requests for advice about how to speak to children who have been affected by these events, either directly or indirectly. Our response has been to share materials in the hope that they will provide support for teachers, parents and carers who may be unsure how to approach this difficult issue.

"We felt that we should offer these to members of our Schools in Mind network so, with that in mind, we are writing to you to share these materials. We are including a blog written by David Trickey, one of our Clinical Psychologists who specialises in working with children who have experienced trauma. David was commissioned by the Government to evaluate the Humanitarian Assistance Centre established in response to the London terrorist attacks on 7th July. We have also included a longer article from the Centre of Crisis Psychology in Norway about how to talk to children about traumatic events here.

"We hope these will be of practical use and will provide you with some helpful materials so that you can confidently support the needs of the children you work with during these difficult times." 

The Key has some useful information here.
The Childline website also includes helpful advice here.