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Movers and Shakers Assembly

5th April 2017

At the end of our History topic on Movers and Shakers, the classes came together for a topic outcome assembly to share what they had been learning.  It was presented in the form of, 'A day in the life of..........'  so that the children could 'compare and contrast' a day in their lives with a figure from the past.  This was one of the skills the children have been developing, along with chronology, cause and consequence, change and continuity and interpreting evidence.

Year 1 read their diaries as Brunel
Year 2 acted out what life was like on board John Cabot's ship
Year 3 explained the different seasons for an Egyptian farmer
Year 4 showed what life was like for a Roman legionary
Year 5 shared the experiences of different citizens of Athens
Year 6 presented how different the life of Maya were compared to ours