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National Half Term Distance competition

9th February 2021

We are delighted to inform you that the school has signed up for The Children’s Challenge Half Term Distance Competition. This is a national competition and we will be competing against at least 35 other primary schools (growing daily!) from around the country. These schools represent over 11,000 pupils!

Parents are encouraged to walk, run, cycle or scooter with their children from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st February and then log their child’s daily distance under “Submit Daily Distance” on the following website:

The sum of the distances travelled by all children attending our primary school should be submitted at the end of each day. All rules, as well as the all important daily leaderboard, can be found on the above website. The leaderboard will show the absolute distance travelled by all the children at the school as well as the average distance per pupil. The key to national glory will be maximum participation!

Please feel free to use the hashtag #TheChildrensChallenge to post any photographs to Instagram that could inspire other families both at the school and across the country to participate.

It promises to be a highly engaging, competitive and fun event. The purpose is to encourage children to exercise every day for both their mental and physical health.

Good luck and do the school proud!