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One off payment (school trips, swimming etc)

The one-off payment covers contributions towards your child's school trips (NOT including residential camps which are dealt with separately for years 5 and 6), swimming lessons, theatre performances in school, workshops and DT costs for the whole school year.  

One-off payments are set during Term 1/2 and vary from year group to year group, depending on the cost of that year's school trips.  Each year group will receive a letter explaining how the costs are broken down.  

You can pay for the one off payment online, by cheque or with cash (please see 'Online Payments' in this section to find out more about how to pay online using School Gateway).

One-off payment 2019-20 - amounts and copies of the full letter are below:

Reception:  £44.00

Year 1:       £27.76

Year 2:       £46.12

Year 3:       £53.36

Year 4:       £50.86

Year 5:       £56.24

Year 6:       £52.14