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Easter Activities

Beatbox Workshop!
Wednesday 28th March at 11.00am-12.00pm
Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that mimics drum sounds using the mouth and voice. It is the fastest growing ‘instrument’ in the world today and very accessible to all. The workshops will involve fun, interactive games to introduce techniques and rhythms to the group. The children will have the opportunity to create their own sounds and make music together as an acapella orchestra! The workshop will be led by Jack Salt, who is a playworker, teacher and musician.
No extra cost for children booked in play scheme sessions.
Making Music workshop!
Thursday 5th April at 09.30am-12.30pm
We are excited to be offering a 'Making Music' workshop for our Easter Holiday Club for children to explore, experiment and have fun with different types of musical instruments and equipment! 
'Marcus Gee, a musician and play worker will facilitate this music workshop. Children will have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments. They will also be able to have a go at conducting the group, play at being the recording engineer and try out some basic recording techniques. The group will be able to create a piece of music and make a CD recording to keep! There'll also be some fun music games and arts and crafts activities.'
No extra cost for children booked in play scheme sessions.