Reception 2024

If your child was born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020 you can apply for a Reception school entry place to join St Bonaventure's in September 2024.

There is lots of information available on the Bristol City Council Admissions pages and we recommend that you review their website:  www.bristol.gov.uk/schools-learning-early-years/primary-admissions   

Applications for a Reception place at St Bonaventure’s must be made to the Local Authority (LA) serving the child’s home address, their 'home LA'. If you live outside the City of Bristol, then you must speak with your local Council (e.g. South Glos) and apply through them.

For children whose home address is located within the City of Bristol, the application for a Reception place must be made on Bristol Local Authority’s Common Application Form online at www.bristol.gov.uk/schools-learning-early-years/primary-admissions or sent by post to:
Schools Admissions Department, PO Box 57, Council House, College Green, Bristol BS99 7EB. 

We welcome all applications to St Bonaventure's. If you are applying to St Bon's on faith grounds, please submit a copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate to us at the time of your application to your home Local Authority (please provide a copy, not the original). If you would like an acknowledgement of documentation (which we recommend) please provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope. You have until the Local Authority Submission date to return the Baptismal Certificate to us. However, your confirmation of receipt will be sent out by post, so we recommend that you get your form into us beforehand so you have enough time to receive your confirmation before the cut off date. Alternatively, you can bring your Baptism Certificate for us to copy in the school office and we can provide you with a paper receipt there and then. 
The deadline for Bristol City Council applications and for us to receive Baptismal Certificates is midnight on 15th January 2024. 

Please note that proof of the child’s birth date may be requested after a place has been offered.

School Admissions will send us a list of applicants in early February. We then rank those applicants according to our admissions criteria (detailed in our Admissions Policy 2024/25) and we will then return our ranked list to School Admissions who will then offer the places to selected children, either by letter or email.

If you are offered a place for your child, you will need to inform the Council that you wish to accept the place. The Council will then inform us.

The timetable for any appeals and how to appeal will be included here when available.