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St Bon's Maths Day

11th February 2019

To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we have had an incredibly fun and interesting St Bon's Maths Day!
We learned about the Hidden Women who led the Apollo Programme 50 years ago, whose stories we often don't hear about: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. 
Each year group had a different challenge for the day:
  • Reception were to launch our assembly by counting down from 10! They also made a colourful rocket names display.
  • Year 1 used their sequencing skills to find out all the things which happen for a rocket launch, and were so inspired that they made their own rockets!
  • Year 2 were to find out and measure how big a Saturn V rocket was: it was so big that it stretched all the way along the corridor and around the playground!
  • Year 3 saw how far away space is, and wanted to see if they could all run the whole way together. It took them a long time!
  • Year 4 were investigating the best angle to launch a rocket: some of their rockets shot all the way across the MUGA!
  • Year 5 wanted to find out how far away the Moon is, and made a scale model of the Solar System: the Sun and Jupiter and Saturn were so big compared to Earth, and every planet was so much further away than they thought. Their model filled the playground!
  • Year 6 were investigating the best nose assemblies for a rocket: which shapes are the most streamlined, but also lightweight?