St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School
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Waiting lists & accepting a place

If you are interested in your child learning a musical instrument please send an email into the school or drop a note in to the drop box with your child's name, class and preferred instrument and they will be placed on a waiting list. 

What happens when there is a place for your child?
When a place is available to start music lessons, we will liaise with your child's class teacher to consider the possible impact on your child taking music lessons during class time.  We will then contact you to see if your child would still like music lessons and inform you of the advice from your classteacher to enable you to make an informed decision about music lessons for your child.

When you have informed us that you would like to take up the place, a terms and conditions letter will be sent to you, and we would be grateful if you could sign and return the copy letter agreeing to these.  Upon receipt of this letter, we will arrange a time slot for your child to start music lessons. 

Your child's class teacher will be informed of your child's music lesson time and a timetable will be posted in the classroom.  You can also come to the office or call us to find out what time slot your child has been given so you can remind your child of the time. 

Please note that, due to the demand of music lessons we are only able to offer one musical instrument per child during school hours.  If you have put your child's name on several waiting lists, please note that when you accept a music place for one instrument, your child's name will be removed from any other waiting lists. This is to ensure that the widest number of children possible have the opportunity to learn an instrument in school.