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What medicines can we hold for your child in school?

We can hold medication for your child under the following terms: 

  • That it has been prescribed by your child's Doctor and/or your Doctor has recommended that you buy this medication for your child.  

  • That your child has had the medication before for at least 48 hours at home, so you can confirm that your child does not have an allergy to this medication.  
However, we must ask that where possible, all medication is taken at home. 

PRESCRIBED MEDICATION (need Healthcare Plan and Admin of Meds form)

Medication must have the original pharmacy box with the pharmacy box detailing your child's name and dosage.  


ANTIBIOTICS (need antibiotics form)

Please see our antibiotics page.


MEDICINE RECOMMENDED BY THE GP  (need health plan and admin of meds form)

There are several medications that GPs are no longer prescribing and recommend that parents/carers go out and buy themselves.  

Therefore, if your child has been diagnosed with a medical condition by the GP and they have been advised that they require emergency medication, then we will accept it in school.

Examples of what we will accept in school: 

  • Antihistamine for hayfever (either a liquid or tables, not a whole range of different products that are available in the shops e.g. no eye drops, nose sprays etc). 
  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen if a child is at risk of febrile convulsions. 
  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen for chronic pains (e.g., menstrual pain, juvenile arthritis, osgood schlatter disease). 

Please make sure that any medication without a prescription label has been labelled with your child's name and class and that the instructions for dosage is readable on the box and bottle.  


SCHOOL CAMP (need to sign permission letter for use of these)

When attending a school residential camp the school will provide: 

  • Paracetamol
  • Antihistamine
  • E45 Cream

If parents would like their child to be administered any of these medicines if they experience pain, fever, skin condition or allergic reaction they must sign the camp form in agreement and confirm that their child has never experience an allergic reaction to these medicines before.


FOREST SCHOOLS  (need to sign permission letter for use of antihistamine)

A bottle of antihistamine will be taken in the first aid kit on Forest Schools trips.  Parents/carers will again need to sign a permission letter that their child may be given the medicine if they experience an allergic reaction whilst in the forest.  


HANDCREAM (need handcream admin of meds form)

We understand that frequent hand washing and hand sanitiser usage has made some children's hands very sore.  If your child is experiencing dry, cracking and sore hands as a result please email the school and we can review whether it would be appropriate for your child to bring in a non-perfumed, sensitive skin moisturiser such as E45 or aqueous cream whilst their hands heal.