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What medicines can we hold for your child in school?

At St Bonaventure's we try our best to support our families by assisting pupils who have chronic medical needs. 

We have an Administration of Medicines Policy that can be found on our Policy Page.  In that policy we agree to hold medicines for chronic illnesses that have been prescribed by the doctor.  A chronic illness is a long term such as eczema, asthma, allergic reactions etc, that if we did not have that medicine in school would prohibit them from attending school.  

We are unable to give medicines such as antibiotics or painkillers for short lived illnesses.  Should you wish your child to have any other type of medicine, we are happy to make arrangements for you to attend the school to administer the medicine to your child e.g. Calpol for a toothache.

Children may not keep their medicine on them and self-administer.