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Why can't you give my child antibiotics or painkillers?

We are sorry but we are unable to give medicines for acute illnesses.  Acute illness is a short lived illness that the the child will recover from quickly.

We have tried to accommodate parents in the past by administering medicines for acute illnesses, however, we found it became unmanageable and we were holding too many medicines in school. 

The main reasons for us not administering medicines such as antbiotics or painkillers are: 

  • Inadequate storage:  Medicines need to be stored in a lockable cabinet - we do not have adequate storage for medicines, especially those that need to be stored in the fridge.
  • Admin time:  It is unlikely that Doctors will prescribe two sets of medication for children with acute illnesses.  In order for us to be responsibile for medicines we would need to sign medicines in and out every day.  In addition, this leaves too much risk of medicines being forgotten by parents which mean that home-time doses will not be able to be given.

  •  Administrator of Medicine's Time:  There is not a dedicated school nurse at the school and staff administer medicines voluntarily on top of their daily duties.  We have approx 410 children in school, and a number of them could need medicine at any one time.  It would be incredibly time consuming to administer those medicines and would put a huge responsibility on staff to give children their medicine at a certain time.  This could result in error being made and because your child's safety and health are paramount to us, we ask that you administer your child's medicine. 

Please can you also be mindful that whilst we want your child to be in school if they are happy and well if they require paracetamol/neurofen to control pain or to alleviate a fever then they probably aren't well enough to be in school.