Welcome to St. Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School
  • Welcome to St. Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School

    St Bon's is a highly regarded Catholic primary school.  At our last Ofsted insepction they judged us to be 'good' with outstanding features.  Since then our dedicated staff and governors are working towards becoming an outstanding school.  We are also very proud of our 'outstanding' judgement in our last Diocesan Inspection and our links with St Bon's and Sacred Heart Churches. 

    Our aim is to provide a nurturing environment in which every child and adult feels valued. This involves intellectual, social, moral, spiritual and physical development enabling each child to reach their full potential

    We are an inclusive school and through our curriculum we aim to make learning exciting and relevant as well as celebrating diversity. There are many learning opportunities in the form of hands on experience, visits and visitors to enrich children's understanding and broaden their knowledge.

    We are proud of the fact that we are a very caring community. Parents are very supportive of the school, each other and work with the staff to ensure the best for their children. The governing body and PTFA are very active and supportive of the school.

    If you are already a parent, thank you for your continued support. If you are a prospective parent looking for a place for your child please ring for an appointment to look around our school and experience the warm vibrant atmosphere of St Bon's.

    Lucille Charles


    St Bonaventure's - Striving to be the best we can, guided by the light of Christ.

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