St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School
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Governing Body Committee Membership

Each governor sits on at least one sub-committee and works on specific matters arising within those committees. The Full Governing Body then meets once a term to report back to all the governors and to review any items that need discussion and conclusion.

The committee membership for 2017/18 is as follows:

Finance, Premises and Health & Safety (FPHS&)

Purpose:  To provide guidance to the Governing Body and the Headteacher on all matters relating to finance and be responsible for the site upon which the school buildings are situated.


Purpose:  To support and challenge the School Leadership Team (SLT) on school improvement and to fulfil its statutory responsibilities.


Jonathan Rogers (Chair)

Lucille Charles

Giovanni Maniglia

Ciara Mullen

Jonathan Kidd

Krzysztof Inorowicz 

Tony Nelson (Associate Member)

Carol Simpson (School Business Manager)



Eddie Romero (Chair)

Lucille Charles

Jacob Preisner

Fr Tom Smith

Steph Woolley (Deputy)

Sarah Balllantine (Associate Member)



Management, Equality and Child Protection (MECP)

Purpose:  To support and challenge the School Leadership Team (SLT) in the management of the school, the provision of equality for all, and the provision of robust Child Protection policies and procedures.  Overview of appraisals, pay and performance management.



Chris Jackson (Chair)

Lucille Charles

Jenny Kittow

Niki Hawke

Marie Harkin