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General Information

We are pleased to be able to provide extra-curricular violin, brass, guitar and piano lessons at the school.

We arrange for peripatetic instrumental teachers from ‘Bristol Plays Music’ to come into school on Mondays and Fridays to facilitate music lessons taking place. For more information about the teachers and equipment needed for lessons, please see the relevant pages on the website.

We have to book teachers in advance. We then pass the cost for these lessons onto parents/carers. The school does not have funds to cover this cost and so we ask that parents pay in advance for 2 terms of lessons. If you wish to cancel lessons please provide us with one term’s notice - this gives us sufficient time to set up groups and arrange for new pupils to take your child’s place.

All music teachers aim to deliver 33 lessons across the school year. Teachers aim to provide the same amount of lessons per term, but may in unavoidable circumstances have to make up time in a different term. For example, if there are only 5 lessons in term 5 as it is shorter than the other terms, there will be more lessons in either terms 4 or 6.

If an instrumental teacher misses a lesson, we can reduce your next term’s fees to account for this. If your child is giving up lessons, and so a reduction of fees is not appropriate, we are only able to offer refunds, by cheque, when more than one lesson has been missed. This is because we do not charge you an admin fee to administer music lessons so that we can keep the cost of your child’s lessons low.

Please note that if you commit to taking music lessons in school time, we are unable to refund lessons if your child is unwell or on a trip. Class teachers try their best to avoid arranging activities or trips on days when music lessons are held, however, there may be some occasions where this is not possible. Our rule is that if the teacher is here to provide a lesson, but your child is not, that the teacher should still be paid for their time. We appreciate this can be disappointing, but parents/carers tend to feel that that is outweighed by the opportunity of having lessons during school time at a discounted cost.

If your child has a music lesson during lunch hour and they miss their usual lunch timeslot, they should go to the other lunch sitting and may take a friend to accompany them. If they are having school dinners they should go to the front of the queue and inform the dinner ladies that they are having music lessons.

If your child has lessons after school then you are welcome to wait in the reception area to collect them. We do ask that you do not go into lessons whilst they are taking place.

The Cost of Lessons


Cost per lesson










If you are joining mid-year, a pro-rata payment will be calculated to ensure that you only pay for the lessons that your child has been provided with.

Please note that there is usually an additional cost for music and your child's music teacher will contact you directly about this.

Dates that payments are due:

End of term 6 (July)

Payment due for terms 1 and 2 either by School Gateway or post dated cheque dated 1st September

Beginning of Term 3 (January)

Payment due for terms 3 and 4

Beginning of Term 5 (Easter)

Payment due for terms 5 and 6

Methods of making payment:

- School Gateway (online)

- Cash (please come to the school office to deliver and request a receipt)
- Cheque (please make sure you write your child’s name on the back of the cheque and the instrument they play).
Please note that reminders will be published in the school newsletter and it is the parent's responsibility to arrange for prompt payment. If we need to chase you for payment you may incur an admin fee. If your account falls into arrears by 1 term, during week 2 of the 2nd term we may have to make arrangements to withdraw your child's place from music lessons.
Review of the impact of music lessons during classtimes
We will ask your child's class teacher to continually monitor the impact of taking music lessons during classtime. If it is felt that there is a negative impact on your child's learning or your child is missing critical parts of the curriculum then this will be reported to you so you may decide whether school-time music lessons are right for your child at this time.
Corresponding with your child's music teacher
Your teacher may ask to speak with you directly. In this case, the school office will provide the music teacher with your contact details unless you have specifically asked us not to pass them on. In addition, your child's teacher may send notes home with your child or provide your child with a book for you to both write comments in.
You will receive a report at the end of year to see their progress.
For information about equipment/instrument needed by your child to take part in music lessons please see the brass, guitar, piano, or violin pages.
Assisted Purchase Scheme
If you are interested in buying an instrument for your child, you may purchase this through the school so that you do not have to pay the VAT. If you wish to do this, you will need to go to the shop where you would like to purchase the instrument and obtain an order form with details of the instrument. Return that order form to the school, along with a cheque made out to Bristol City Council to cover the cost of the instrument (minus the VAT). We will bank your cheque, and when it has cleared we will order the instrument on your behalf and ask the shop to invoice us and we will pay their invoice using the money you have given us. We will ask the music shop to contact you directly when the instrument is ready for collection. Please note that this process can take up to 4 weeks and may incur an administration fee.
Students' own instruments are brought into school at their own risk and are not covered by the school's insurance. Please therefore check that your instruments and any that you have borrowed from the school/Mr Hamlen are covered within your home insurance.