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Science at St Bonaventure's is about living things, materials and phenomena. It is intended to be relevant to pupils’ everyday lives, helping them to learn about the world around them through ‘hands-on’ investigation and exploration, with opportunities for making observations and measurements.

Concepts tend to be introduced through familiar contexts and concrete examples. As understanding develops, pupils are given the chance to apply their knowledge to new and unfamiliar contexts, begin to make links between ideas and give explanations using simple models and theories.

Systematic investigations allow for working alone and with others and making use of a range of reference sources. Pupils are encouraged to talk about their work and its significance, and to communicate ideas using increasingly precise subject-specific vocabulary. Pupils are encouraged to think about the 'Big Questions' of science and are encouraged to use modern technologies to have an enquiry approach to their questioning.

Big Science Challenge
Following on from the science videos each year group made featuring Sir David Attenborough, we held a Big Science Challenge competition, where children could make a minute-long video answering a Big Question in science! More than 60 children took part, designing, rehearsing, performing and editing their own videos for the whole school to watch and learn from. Every child could vote for the video they thought was best, and the top three videos from FS/KS1 and KS2 were selected, and a winner from each was judged by a panel.
L's video Sugar was judged the best KS2 video; it was a memorable visual representation of how much sugar is in popular drinks.

K's video Saving Our Planet was judged the best FS/KS1 video; she was very well informed about an important topic for us all to think about.

The two runners up from FS/KS1 and KS2 were highly commended. L's video Gravity showed that up and down are different around the world.

A's video My experiment with weight and the force of gravity showed how gravity pulls objects down at the same rate.

L's video How Does Being Cool Get Us To Mars? told a funny story about hibernation and space travel.

A's video Does fire need Oxygen to burn? showed how fire works in a clear visual demonstration.