Places available in year 1, 2, 5 & 6. Please contact the school office for a visit

Welcome to St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School

St Bon's is a highly regarded Catholic primary school. In our most recent Ofsted inspection we were rated as good. We have high expectations of learning and behaviour for each pupil. We are very proud of our 'outstanding' judgement in our last Diocesan Inspection. We place clear emphasis on nurturing children’s wider personal development as well as their academic well-being. A distinctive feature of the school, identified by Ofsted, is “the shared commitment to educating the ‘whole child’ shining through wherever you step.”
We are an inclusive school and through our curriculum we provide learning opportunities in the form of hands-on experience, visits and visitors to enrich children's understanding and broaden their knowledge. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to recognise that a child’s talents may not be academic.

We are a very caring community. Our parents, the PTFA and our Governors are very supportive of the school, each other, and the links we have with St Bon's and Sacred Heart parishes. Collectively we work to ensure the best for our children.