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Parent Information

Please note that due to the current restrictions in force as a result of Covid-19, there will be no After School or Breakfast clubs for the rest of the academic year.   We will however be running a restricted Summer Playscheme, for current St Bons pupils only.  Please see the Playscheme section for information about this.  We will notify you via this website as soon as we have any news about resuming our provision in September.



We do not yet know what provision for Extended Schools will be in place for September 2020 due to the ongoing restrictions in place regarding Covid-19.   We will keep you informed of any information as soon as we have it.

Many thanks.


We will keep the information here below because this is what would happen normally, and will give you an idea of how it all works.


Please make sure you fill out the form marked 'Reception'; the other one is for children already here.  Please fill out and return to and you will then be notified if you have received a place. 

We don't always have enough spaces to offer to all our new Reception children, but generally speaking, all children have managed to obtain a place after not too long, and at least by the Christmas holidays. 

Reception children do not start After School Club until they start full time in October.  If they are a sibling of a child who already does ASC, then the cost will be £10 per session.


KidZone After School Club is run by St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School. KidZone operates out of a multi-purpose play space at the heart of the St Bonaventure's grounds. With access to resources including a newly built multi use games area, school gym and Scrapstore PlayPod, KidZone can offer your children an inclusive and safe place to play between the hours of 3:15pm and 6:00pm. Fresh fruit and vegetables are served daily alongside a healthy snack. Water and juice are available at all times and children are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities on offer throughout the week. On any given day children will be building dens, playing football, painting, reading, climbing about, running around or engrossed in role play. If you have any questions, please talk to one of the team.

Contact Information

Alice Webber: Playleader

  • 0117 353 2830
  • 07760181381 (KidZone Club Phone)

Club Fees

We charge £10.50 per session and a sibling rate of £10.00 per session. This includes a healthy fruit based snack.

Ways to Pay

  • Online payments can be made via School Gateway.
  • Cheques, including post-dated cheques, can be submitted to the school office and are payable to St Bonaventure’s Catholic Primary School.
  • Cash, can be submitted to the school office, however online payment or cheques are preferable.
  • Vouchers: it is essential that you provide a clear reference when paying with vouchers please.  We need to know precisely: the child's name, the club, the terms, the precise amount
School Gateway
Please note when using School Gateway that there are two main tabs that you will need for After School Club.  The Clubs tab will tell you what your balances are.   The second tab you need is the payments tab.  This is where you can pay for the amounts you owe.   When checking what you owe, please make sure you check the Clubs tab, and not the Payments tab.  This tab shows some clubs as having a debit balance of 50p but in fact this is simply a minimum payment which we are obliged to enter on the system.  If you cannot see the balance you need, please contact the office and we will rectify it.



Entrance to the site is granted via the KidZone Parent Entrance, which is on your left as you reach the school office. There is a code for this gate that is operation between the hours of 16:00 and 18:00.

Late Collection

Parents collecting their child late from the ASC are liable for a fee of £5. This fee increases at the rate of £5 per 15min. A late collection fee will be charged at the Playleader’s discretion, often, but not exclusively, in cases of persistent late collection.

Day Swaps

You are very welcome to request a day swap however please ensure that this is done through either the clubs administrator via the main school office or in club with the Playleader.  Also, please be aware that we can only grant a day swap if we have a space available on the requested day.

Cancellation Period

Our cancellation period is 4 weeks or until the end of the current term. As a club we are willing to operate with a degree of flexibility when presented with extenuating circumstances.

Ad Hoc Session

Available spaces are allocated on a first come first serve basis and must be booked and paid for in advance. Drop in sessions are charged at the normal club rate. Sessions can be requested via a dedicated Ad Hoc session form to be returned to either the clubs Playleader or the school office. Please note that places are not guaranteed until confirmed by the club.