St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School
Tel 0117 353 2830
Absence Line 0117 353 2831

School Nurse Service

The School Nurse Service is an extremely helpful service that parents/carers can contact theirself or can be referred to through the school.

The School Nurse can help with physical or emotional problems and are able to offer help and advice to parents about support that is available and provide information to parents about health concerns and how to manage them.

Our School Nurse is Jenny Allan.  If you would like to speak to her please leave a message for her at:
School Health Nursing Team
John Milton Clinic,
Crow Lane,
Bristol, BS10 7DP

Telephone:  0117 9500 844

Alternatively, if you have concerns about your child please feel free to discuss this with your classteacher and we can consider whether it would be appropriate for us to make a referral on your behalf.