Ethos and Values

Striving to be the best we can , guided by the light of Christ

Children at our school are...

 Aware of God's love

Feel secure and cared for know that they are important.

Understand that they are part of a community want to do their best in everything they do care for others.

Are grateful for the gifts they have.

St Francis taught us that values matter and that we should speak truth and care for the world.


Pupils at St Bonaventures grow to...

Speak the truth.

Be confident and eloquent.

Have the courage to speak out and say their truth speak up for good and justice.

Feel proud of knowing who they are.

Be able to communicate confidently and clearly reason and explain their thinking.

Care for the world.

Are creative and curious.

Have a desire to find out and question are active thinkers and learners.

Use their imagination to explore and care

for the world around them have a sense of awe and wonder in

God's presence and His creation believe they can make a difference in the world

understand that their actions have an impact on others willing to take on new challenges and experiences take responsibility for their actions

Know what is right Empathetic and respectful actions reflect their values

are able to view the world through another's eyes initiate projects to help others who are less fortunate understand and respect the differences between people celebrate their own and others success

have a sense of justice, fairness and mercy.


We help our pupils grow through...

Providing a nurturing and supportive environment where every person is valued and empowered

to be the best that they can be.

 Encouraging children to express themselves as individuals while listening to, respecting and appreciating the contributions of others.

Valuing and celebrating diversity within our community and the wider world.

Offering a broad and stimulating curriculum that is meaningful and relevant to the children and gives opportunities for them to engage in their learning.

Demonstrating how to live and treat others through gospel values.

Praising effort as well as achievement.

 Always seeking to improve through setting and expecting high standards for everyone

in our community.

Taking action and showing responsibility for others less fortunate than ourselves and for the

world in which we live.