School Council

Welcome to St Bonaventure's School Council. We believe it is essential for the children to have a voice.

What is a School Council?
  • It is a way to represent the interests of children in what goes on in school 
  • It collects ideas from the whole school
  • It involves the whole school in making the school an even better place to be
  • It liaises with the head teacher, governing body and P.T.F.A.
A new School Council is elected each year. All children from Year 1 to Year 6 can stand for election. Each child is eligible for one year in office as a School Councillor. One representative is elected by the children from each class.

The School Council has worked hard to collect opinions and suggestions from every class in the school. Each class has a suggestion box. This allows every child to express their opinions/views on current school council topics. It also enables every child to highlight any problem that they feel the School Council should address.

We look forward to listening to your ideas and making improvements to your school.