School meals

School dinners cost £2.25 per day and must be paid for on the day or in advance please.  You may pay online, or by cheque or cash.  We record all payments on a Monday, and it is very helpful to us if you pay weekly or termly.

Online: We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to pay online.  To do this you need to register with School Gateway.

Cheques: these should be made payable to Bristol City Council and marked clearly on the back with your child's name and class. If you are paying for more than one child with one cheque, please mark the amount to go to each child separately.  Please do not leave it to the office to make these calculations for you.  For example:

Anna Spencer (3B) - £2.25; 
Aaron Spencer (6J) - £6.75; 
Belle Spencer (5G) - £4.50

Total: £13.50

Cash: If you are paying in cash, please place in an envelope marked 'Lunches' with your child's name, class and the amount you are paying in. We are happy to issue receipts for cash payments if you wish.