Planned absence from school and holidays during school time

Whilst we are sympathetic to the reasons why people request to take their children out of school, it is important to point out that we are only able to authorise absences for exceptional circumstances in accordance with the DFE and local authority guidelines.  As it is a legal obligation for children above 5 to be in school, all absences are reviewed by our Education Welfare Officer and we are held accountable to prove that we have all the relevant information/evidence to support the absence.  Unauthorised absence could result in the issue of a penalty notice against parents/carers.

Children are at school for 190 days a year - this means that they are with you for the other 175 days! Taking them out of school will mean that your child is missing parts of the national curriculum, which will not be repeated in your child's school career:  

  • 5 days' absence from school = 2% of your child's annual education
  • 10 days' absence from school = 5% of your child's annual education



COMPLETE A FORM:  If you need to take your child out of school please complete the Absence Application Form (available on the Forms page).  Provide as much information as possible and return for the attention of the Headteacher at least 2 weeks in advance of the absence date.  If a form is not provided or arrives late we may not be able to consider your request. Mrs Ballantine will consider each application on its merits, taking into consideration attendance levels, timings of the absence, the general welfare/well-being of a child, and the frequency of requests.  At this stage, depending on the details of the absence, Mrs Ballantine may or may not authorise the absence or she may ask for more information.  You will receive an email detailing this.

IF EVIDENCE IS REQUIRED:  In order to consider your application we may require further information, for example: 

  • If you are going abroad, we may need to see flight details to confirm your return. 
  • If your employer will not allow you to take holiday during school holidays, we may need them to confirm this in writing.
  • If you are requesting absence on medical grounds, we may require hospital/medical confirmation.

    After we have received this from you, we will be able to consider your application fully and will respond to you as to whether we are able to authorise it.