School milk

Your child receives free school milk until their 5th birthday. 

After that, if you wish your child to receive milk at breaktime, you will need to order it through the School Milk Service and pay for it directly. You can do this online here

Alternatively, please telephone School Milk Services on 01934 510950 to order and pay over the phone. 

If your child receives "Free School Meals", you are also entitled to receive milk free of charge.  If this applies to you and you would like your child to have school milk, please contact the school office as this will be ordered through the school. 

Lactose free milk is also available, but please note that this is not served in the usual small 200ml cartons - it is supplied in a 1 litre carton and given to children using a glass.  Please note that this needs to be ordered separately and there is an additional charge for this milk.  Contact the school office if you would like your child to receive lactose free milk.

Milk is delivered to the classrooms.