How to report your child's absence from school

Please let us know by 9.00am if your child is not going to be at school. You can inform us by:

It is vital that you let us know where your child is, as it is our legal requirement to know where all our pupils are. If we have not heard from you, we will send out an automated text message prompting you for information. Please respond to this prompt as soon as possible even if you think that you have already informed us of your child's absence - it may mean that your original message has not got through to us.

Sometimes, the office may contact you even though you have brought your child into school. This can happen if your child misses registration for any reason, or if a mistake is made at the point of taking the register in class. Office staff will always check that your child is in school if you do receive one of these messages - just let us know.

If your child is away from school for more than one day, you do not need to call in again, but when your child returns to school please write a note explaining why they have been away, and the dates.

How to report an absence from Kidzone After School Club
Please remember that if your child attends After School Club you will also need to let them know that your child will not be attending. Please telephone and leave a message on 07760 181381. Staff will check this answerphone just before doing their registration.