Introduction - who we are

We are a group of parents who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL). We all come from different countries and our children are fortunate enough to live in a bilingual home. We meet every week at school in the DT/Art room over a cup of coffee.

Every week we talk and share our experiences about school and living in Bristol/UK: the curriculum, life at school, homework, books and reading, phonics, Maths, English, tests etc... We share tips about extra curricular activities and things to do in our lovely city. We also talk about and celebrate our diversity and cultures.

We regularly invite teachers, the Head Teacher/Deputy Head teacher to talk about their subjects.

The main aim of this group is to meet other parents in a small, friendly environment, prevent isolation, share tips and experience, meet teachers and understand the English school system. This group also gives the parents knowledge, information, a place to talk and more confidence to help our children feel comfortable at school.

It is also a warm, social place to chat and laugh over a cup of tea/coffee and cakes/fruits.

Our group started in February 2015 and meets every Thursday, straight after drop off at 8.50am until around 10.30am (babies and toddlers are welcome): you can stay as little as 10 minutes or for the whole session. We keep in touch and up to date by email, and all through the week informally in the playground.

Please feel free to come on a Thursday, or contact Ratiba Preisner (Tiba) by email at for more information.

Tiba is a mum of 4 boys, who came from France in 2007 to St Bon's. She was approached by Mrs Charles to run this group, equipped with her experience as a mum with an additional language (French). She is a member of the PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association), and a member of staff. Tiba is also a helper at St Bon's drama club. She has also been a Beaver Scout Leader since September 2015.