At St Bon’s, our science curriculum aims to deepen children's understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the world. We encourage curiosity through active investigation, fostering a love for scientific learning. Our approach integrates the National Curriculum, emphasising hands-on exploration and real-world relevance. We introduce concepts through familiar contexts, allowing students to apply knowledge to new situations. Through systematic investigations and technology integration, we promote teamwork and communication skills. We aim to develop a solid scientific foundation, preparing students for a future of inquiry and technological engagement.



Science teaching at St Bon’s focuses on excellence and enjoyment. Teachers choose central themes and "big questions”, involving students in planning to promote analytical thinking. Questioning plays a key role, addressing misconceptions and promoting deep learning. Concept cartoons stimulate discussions, encouraging students to discover answers through investigation. Our emphasis on exploratory talk enhances scientific language development.



Our science curriculum aims to empower children to:

  1. Develop scientific skills and knowledge. 

  2. Engage in practical activities and problem-solving.

  3. Foster curiosity and active exploration.

  4. Communicate scientific ideas effectively.


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